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Water treatment can basically be defined as the process by which the quality of water is enhanced so that it meets an acceptable water quality criteria for the purpose for which it is intended. This in turn means that treated water is that water which has been made safe for use for a particular purpose or for discharge to the environment.

It is therefore clear that treating water is a complex process that leaves specialists in this field with the question of the best way to treat water for different purposes. Even before thinking of the best way to do this, it is important for one to first identify the type of water which he/she is dealing with.

For example there is a difference when it comes to how one treats hard water and sewage water. To start with, hard water treatment involves a process which aims at reducing the concentration of dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium and manganese.

Basically the first step involves testing the water to check whether it exceeds 100ppm, if the water is proclaimed hard after this, then one can decide to use ion exchange water softener to make it soft. What this softener does is to exchange positively charged minerals such as calcium and magnesium, (that makes water hard) with positively charged minerals such as; sodium or potassium that makes water soft.

This may sound a bit technical for someone who is not well conversant with water treatment but you can rest assured of reliable water treatment services when you make your order from

Sewage water treatment on the other hand involves physical, chemical, and biological processes with the sole aim of removing contaminants from the waste water. All these processes are meant to make the waste water safe to be discharged to the environment. It is important to note that discharging waste water into the environment without having properly treated it is disastrous
and this is a major environmental concern for the governments all over the world. It therefore goes without saying that it is a requirement for both commercial and education institutions to treat their waste water before discharging it back to the environment.

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Feel free to contact us as our water specialists are always ready and willing to assist you whenever you are in need of assistance in treating your water be it hard water, sewage water, swimming pool water or any other water that you would like it treated. Make your order now.

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