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Our water testing service is specially designed for the drilling experts, home inspectors, water treatment specialists, plumbers and water distributors among other groups of people dealing with water related activities. Are you a public water supplier in need of water testing service? We are the right people to consult.

This is because we provide quick, reliable and high quality water testing packages that will ensure that you not only supply uncontaminated water but also save time and resources. For families, it is important to determine the quality of the water your family is

drinking. This is comfortably catered for in our water testing service.
What is important to figure out is the fact that  products and services are designed to fulfill needs at an individual level. Our services are therefore custom made to suit your needs in not only a unique but also a satisfactory way. You should therefore face no challenges in finding the best person to help you in soil testing. Atlas Kenya is where your needs will be satisfied by highly qualified and experienced lab technicians.Plant tissue analysis provides an excellent way to assess plant nutrient levels. The analysis is very important in determining and recommending the type of fertilizer suitable for various crops. We not only find out the fertilizer needs but also search for deficiency in the soil and make necessary recommendations that will remedy the deficiency 100%. At Atlas Kenya, we make it possible for you to get high quality tissue analysis at an affordable price. As a show of appreciation to our clients, we have

globally to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the services we give them. You can as well get the peace of mind when you need microbiology testing.

This is because provides a one stop shop for all your laboratory testing requirements. We are ready to assist you.

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slashed our fertilizer and manure test charges by a great percentage to ensure that they can access them without digging much into their pockets. In addition, client satisfaction has been one of our greatest concerns. Unlike most firms that offer the same services as we do, we respond to every concern that you may be having in time. Any information that you might be in need of such as tests in animal seeds will be communicated to you by one of our experts without any delays whatsoever.

We do take laboratory tests seriously as they are part of our regular checkups in the various sectors that our services do touch. We ensure that our lab tests methods satisfy strict national and international standards before being applied whether in soil testing, water testing, plant tissue analysis, animal seeds testing or even microbiology tests.  With state of art laboratory equipment and skilled personnel, you can rest assured that our services meet the quality control standards set

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