Water Testing

Water Testing

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In water treatment and Irrigation, understanding of chemical cause and effect is crucial when deciding a course of action.

If a decision is made without all the facts, what was originally considered to be a simple fix can easily turn into a time consuming and costly mistake.

To prevent this from happening, Analytical Testing Laboratory Services (ATLAS) offers a skilled and experienced analytical laboratory to provide you with the information necessary to make an accurate and informed decision.

Utilizing established analytical methods to ensure maximum accuracy in the results, our state of the art, in-house analytical laboratory has the ability to run complex analysis that cannot be performed on-site.

Our technicians ensure that your results are analyzed and interpreted accurately, consistently and in a timely manner for all types of water related analysis every time.

•Quantity needed: Must have 120 ml of water in a separate sterile container
•Sterile and regular testing containers are provided with instructions for bacteria testing
Read instructions first before sampling the water supply