Water Treatment

Water Treatment

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With Atlas you will never worry about your drinking water again!
Nothing feels better than knowing that the water in your kitchen, your bath, laundry, and all around your home is pure.

And when it comes to delivering that cleaner, clearer, soft pure conditioned water, there is simply no one better than Atlas!.

With Atlas you get more than great water, you get true peace of mind that your water is purer than before. Our water treatment services are unrivaled! We offer full water treatment services:

Testing, Softening, Desalination, Pumping & purification

People find beauty in the things they love & a sensitive consumer brand.
At Atlas we have pledged to help you furnish your life with beauty & joy.

Purify the water that you drink…..Safeguard your life!

Our complete whole house water purification system delivers pure water to every outlet in your home. Enjoy the FINEST drinking, bathing & cleaning water ever! Clean water at every faucet protects your health, home & pipes, saves on bottled water costs. Easy one-time installation lasts decades & increases property value.

 Water Treatment

This shift towards ‘point-of-entry’ water filtration ensures that your entire home is supplied with cleaner, safer and better tasting water.Safe guard your Family’s Health & Save Your Money!

NB: We have a wide range of commercial (Mineral water) machines.

 Treated Water for Every Faucet in Your Home.
Whether your home is supplied by ground water (well or cistern), surface water (lake or river) or municipal water

(city or town); Atlas Ultra-filtration System will provide “Crystal clear water from every tap”.

The Atlas Ultra-filtration System membrane filtration provides 99.9999% reduction of bacteria and 99.99% reduction of virus by mechanical means.